5 App Picks for the Month

Here’s our top 5 app picks of the month:

Productivity – Clear for iPad:

The guys at Realmacsoftware never seem to amaze us with the UX of their products. Clear, one of the world’s leading apps, has been brought to the iPad too. Now, access your To Do lists across all your devices and enjoy that nice quirky sound that makes checking off a task feel so much more satisfying!

Entertainment – Zomato’s latest avatar:

Along with iOS 8 compatibility, Zomato has rolled out what seems to be the best ever update to their app. With a fantastic UI, integrated check-ins, much more importance to reviewers and as usual, delicious functionality, the Zomato app is a must-have for foodies and non-foodies alike!

Games – Angry Birds Stella:

A female-focussed release from the makers of the worldwide phenomenon, Angry Birds Stella follows the familiar catapult and physics based gameplay, but with many more birds, new abilities, fantastic environments and a fresh new storyline – Fight it out with the Pigs to secure Golden Island!

Ecommerce – Tictail

Tictail, fondly known as the ‘Tumblr of Ecommerce’ has earned its stripes by being a platform for small retailers and boutiques to go e-tail. But their latest offering is aimed at consumers, bringing all their retailers together ‘under one digital roof’ in their mobile app.

News – Reddit AMA

Reddit’s latest AMA app, allows you to access their treasure trove of interviews with famous personalities in a cool, ‘Ask Me Anything’ format. For a website that has always had a spartan interface, this app is a breath of fresh air, sporting images with text overlay, smart icons and overall, a much more contemporary design.