Welcome to the Texperiential Agency!

In an age where the lines between physical and digital are blurring, and business realities are being disrupted, Fountainhead Digital MKTG brings together cutting-edge technology and compelling storytelling for impactful business results.

Our capabilities find applications across retail environments, experience zones, cross-media marketing, entertainment, events, business automation applications and the engagement of large and diverse global workforces (through Synapse, our unique internal marketing practice).

We are powered by a strong team of Texperientialists who form our fully in-house specialisations of Creative Conceptualisers, Experience Designers, Application Planners, Strategists, Project Managers, Video Production & VFX Experts and Developers with capabilities across Web, Mobile, Interactive Applications, Games, IoT, AI, Middleware and Inter-Application Integration.

The Team


Thapas Joseph

President - Digital

He runs this ship with a great sense of creativity, a keen eye for design and a penchant for wordplay. Terms used by the team to describe him range from analytical, intelligent and competitive to “I swear he can read minds!”

Dheeraj Dhawan

VP - Brand Solutions

He’s the VP of Brand Solutions for a reason; he’s got all the solutions your brand needs and he does it while blowing your mind with technological innovations. Dheeraj (or DD as he’s called) will charm you with his boyish smile and infectious enthusiasm for all things digital! When he’s not bringing us new opportunities, you’ll find him keeping himself in shape by cycling and running.

Vinay Venkatesh

Chief Creative Officer

Right at the heart of all our creative endeavours, like a giant bearded spider weaving a web of digital sorcery, is our resident Chief Creative Officer. Sporting a beatific smile at all times, Vinay loves making people laugh, and doesn’t consider his job for what it is – a job! Apart from being the Dark Lord of us all, he’s also the front man of the metal band ‘Bhayanak Maut’.

Balesh Bhatt

VP - Technology

He’s our resident lord of webpages, software, CRMs, CMS, mobile apps, iOS apps and all things technology. He also rides a motorcycle, laughs at his own jokes and dreams of “someday building a supercomputer.”

Hitesh Patel

VP - Marketing & Analytics

A Google Certified Professional, his superpower is getting our clients to the first page of Google, and in getting himself to the top score page of games like CoD, FIFA and NFS. Apart from mining the web for insights, he also thinks up some truly terrible jokes.

Jugal Kathuria

Group Account Director - Brand Solutions

Strategically placed three rows away from the cafeteria and always in full sight of the free cappuccino machine is our main strategy man. Work is play for him and when he’s not playing around you’ll find him picking fights with his keyboard. Just for the record, the current score is Jugal 6 – Keyboard 2.

Rahul Vishwasrao

Associate Creative Director

He’s our go-to person for all things design related. Be it creating websites from scratch or his prowess at bending Photoshop to his will, his expertise in his field is only matched by the speed at which he upgrades his iPhones.

Juney Thomas

Senior Creative Lead

Copywriter by day and broke poet by night, she gets off on words and stories – be it in English, in French or Quenya. She’s well on her way to becoming an author, a cat-lady and learning to fly, in that order.

Aloma Antao

Creative Lead

She decided to make a living playing with words, the day she learnt that basic arithmetic was beyond her. Her skills include consuming an entire cake, winning Tumblr wars and reciting the entire ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ theme song.

Nadeer Madampat

Team Lead- Programmer

Eternally curious about the workings of web and desktop applications, he builds programs from scratch. Who do you call when you need sophisticated programs and platforms that run both online and offline? Nadeer, of course!

Bharat Rathod

Senior Lead Programmer

Bharat to some and ‘Bharry’ to others, he made a jump from web-designing to programming, and we’re sure glad he did! He says he drawn to programming by a need to learn something new every day.

Manesh Shelar

Lead Visualiser

He thinks in colour, design and concept, translating them into brilliant illustrations. His skills include bringing vague concepts into exquisitely designed reality, and letting no silence go by without bursting into song.

Sonali Brid

Sr. UI Designer

What defines her? Maybe it’s her on-going fascination with all things tech-related, or maybe it’s her belief in living life to the fullest. Apart from being incredible at her job, she also holds the unofficial title of being the biggest fan of Salman Khan in the world, or so she believes.

Namita Patkar

Associate Account Manager

Mumbai born and bred, Namita’s ability to get along with everybody (animate or inanimate), coupled with her scary organisational skills make her an awesome Account Executive. Forever plugged in to her gadgets, words used to describe her include shopaholic, culinary adventurer and voracious eater!

Vikas Ghete

Senior Programmer

Vikas (aka Vacky) does very complicated things with very complicated machines and makes it look easy. A cricket fanatic, he’s always ready to help you out with anything from programming woes or boosting your mobile signal.

Meera Nagda


Meera Nagda is an awesome Visualiser, which means that she creates pieces of digital delight, every day. Deceptively quiet, she could participate in a competitive garba league without breaking a sweat.

Kapil Kolambkar

Interaction Designer

He is a creative wizard who works his magic with Adobe After Effects. He has a great eye for videos, keen sense of production and excellent editing skills. His interests include football and photography.

Mohan Patil

Senior Interaction Designer

The warlock of Flash, Maya and everything 3-dimensional, Mohan is a part of the latest addition to our arsenal, Multimedia. Ready to take on any challenge, he also has to ability to crack jokes even in the most stressful atmosphere.

Dimpy Gandhi

Lead Visualiser

Apart from threatening to kill her co-workers, Dimpy has an outstanding command over design. Dumpy, Dimpesh, Dumpling and Dumpster are just some of the nicknames that Fountainhead Digital has bestowed upon her. She also whistles like a boss!

Pankaj Singh

Senior Programmer

Coming all the way from Uttrakhand, this computer genius writes code like poetry. In his free time, Pankaj likes to play cricket, basketball, travel and keep a watchful eye on them birds!

Kailash Bangar

Senior Visualiser

An extraordinary artist with a keen sense of design and extraordinary skill of animation. He paints like nobody’s business, loves his motorcycle to bits and on days when’s he free, he likes to go trekking!

Yogini Shinde

UI Designer

Yogini runs the show with her Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop skills. She keeps a low profile and lets her work speak for itself. Her interests include music and on some days, going home early!

Abhijeet Patil

Sr. Manager - Human Resources

Mr. Patil is a part of our extremely effective HR team, which means that he's the man that recruits awesome talent for us! Apart from being a highly qualified HR professional, Abhijeet can boast of amazing football skills and an extensive collection of really good shirts!

Saurabh Prabhavalkar

Associate Account Manager- Brand Solutions

Saurabh is highly enthusiastic, extremely well-organised and a great multitasker – qualities that help him deliver every single time. He’s a FIFA aficionado and loves to sketch. Saurabh is also a diehard fan of Hrithik Roshan and hopes to meet him someday.

Aditya Sawant

Senior Visualiser

Aditya’s art speaks for itself. Backed with great precision, eye for detail and creativity, Aditya creates visual masterpieces with nothing but his trusty pen and amazing talent. He’s also got a great sense of humour and changes his hairstyle at least fifteen times a week.

Kartiki Dongre

Senior Visualiser

Kartiki’s got a great sense of design and the best part is that she never runs out of ideas! She’s always got a smile on her face that’ll brighten anyone’s day. Kartiki is very passionate about classical dance and loves listening to music.

Shailendra Jha

Senior UI Developer

If he's not designing beautiful user interfaces on Dreamweaver, Shailendra is busy being his cheery self - whether he's helping out his teammates or chatting with fellow developers on the internet. A huge tech buff, he's always looking to learn something new everyday, and enjoys researching and staying up-to-date on new technologies.

Avinash Birvatkar

Senior UI Developer

Avinash is the zen master in the midst of the digital whirlwind that is FHD. With the unique, some say superhuman, ability to stay cheerful 24/7, the legend goes that a human being that he cannot get along with hasn't been born yet. When he's not constantly impressing us with his impeccable code, he's probably lan gaming or watching cricket.

Aatish Ahire

Senior Programmer

Aatish is always looking to learn new programming languages and technologies, which makes him great at what he does. His constant willingness to collaborate, coupled with his love for all things code make him an integral part of our Technology function. In his free time, you'd find him keeping up with cricket, movies, music, and of course, the latest in the programming space.

Krupesh Padave


Krupesh, our resident motormouth, pours his energy and penchant for one-liners into his craft, driven by his vision to ``implement a new idea every day``. Always up for a creative challenge (or a game of table tennis), he enjoys cricket, football and listening to music.

Daniel Bhattacharjie


If the music being played in office suddenly switches to metal, Daniel is the usual suspect. Hailing from 3 states, his wild imagination is perfectly suited to his role as junior copywriter, where he transforms his passion for video games, art and movies (the more obscure, the better) into engaging, relevant content.

Santosh Dhebe


Santosh brings designs to life, building detail and animation into the characters he creates. He is constantly saving the day - once, he even wore a cape to complete the effect - with his expertise in the field of motion graphics. Not content with being immensely skilled in one area, Santosh enjoys sketching, playing the guitar and travelling to new places.

Pranit Sawant

Jr. Visualiser

This is Pranit's first job, and he has already weathered many a deadline storm to emerge triumphant, wielding his weapon of choice: Photoshop. When he's not making the internet better looking, one design at a time, you'd find him sketching and painting, experimenting with 3D modelling, or playing the tabla.

Santosh Manjare

Senior Programmer

Santosh Manjare from Vile Parle (see what we did there?) brings his skills in programming and forward thinking to the digital table at FHD. He yearns to be a code-master and the prospect of building something great someday is what drives him forward every day. When he’s not innovating with code, you’ll find him raising horns to some rock music, or playing some cricket or carom.

Dhanashri Kawade

Junior Visualiser

Say hello to our little friend – Dhanashri from Pune! She may be quiet, but don’t let that fool you. She’s got the skills to kill it when it comes to character design and illustrations, and is always looking up ways to up her graphic design game. When she’s not doing what she loves with Photoshop and Illustrator, you’ll find her bobbing her head to music or playing her guitar.

Ganpat Navge

Senior Visualiser

For more than a decade, Ganpat has been bringing his art to life, be it on paper or with a stylus on a pen tablet. Watching him work is a feast for the eyes, as he meticulously carves each curve, slowly bringing together an absolute masterpiece every time he sits down on a project. Plus, he’s making masterpieces even when he’s not, as you’ll always find him scribbling away at his next eye-catching illustration in his free time.

Rajashree Ingle

Business Analyst

She can dance, she can sing, and most importantly she can tell exactly what our clients are thinking (on Tuesdays). Rajashree is our business analyst for technological solutions, and brings her A-game when developing client solutions that are way ahead of their time.

Reshmi Mohan

Junior Copywriter

From God’s own country comes the youngest (and most compact) addition to our copy team – Reshmi. Her overactive imagination and out-of-the-planet ideas mean that raised eyebrows and blown minds are a frequent occurrence. If she’s not busy hammering away at her next piece of copy, you’ll find her trawling the internet for the newest book to devour.

Dinesh Jogdand

Business Analyst

Meet our inhouse animal petter, gamer and foodie – Dinesh. Did we tell you he’s also our brand new Business Analyst? Dinesh and technical know-how go hand in hand, and when he’s not doing what he does best at FHD, you’ll find him travelling, gaming, or socialising.

Anil Yadav

Senior UI Designer

It’s all about learning for Anil – who loves to spend his time updating himself about the latest industry news. He says he loves to design and develop UIs, and we believe him, because no one does it the way he can. When he is not at his desk, you’ll find him enjoying a game of cricket - on the field, in the stands, or in his living room.

Shashi Ranjan

Senior Business Analyst

An athlete at heart, Shashi is the newest addition to our technical solutions team. He believes that every interaction enriches his ever growing communication and interpersonal skills. If you want a state-of-the-art technical enhancement to your business, you can be sure that Shashi is your go-to guy.

Abhishek Mishra

Senior Programmer

Our very own Banarasi Babu, Abhishek helps us solve your brand’s digital hiccups with his problem solving skills. He thrives on developing a neat and clean code snippet, and loves playing the occasional game of cricket, watching movies and but his one true love is of course, programming.

Vishwas Nair

Group Account Manager - Brand Solutions

He’s a gearhead, a metalhead, and overall nice guy. True to his name, Vishwas, is someone we have full faith in to rock our business development function in Bangalore. Always on the move looking for new ways to market products and solutions, Vishwas is your man if you want to get things done right.

Kavish Malji

Senior Executive Brand Solutions

Believe us when we say it, you’ll see him coming from a mile away. That’s because Kavish is really tall and aims for levels of success that are even higher. Perpetually busy on a call with a client, he’s passionate about making a difference, both professionally and personally, and when he’s taking a break from work you’ll find him enjoying a game of cricket, travelling or just kicking back with some friends.

Ashish Padalkar

Senior Visualiser

Ashish brings a whole new dimension to our team – the third dimension. An adept 3d modeler, Ashish brings the X factor to the digital experiences that we’re known for, and when he’s not making 3d models (literally) dance to his tunes, you’ll find him travelling or shooting things with his camera.

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