Being a Google Adwords Certified Partner

We recently got the “Google Adwords Partner Agency” certification – which is a recognition of our expertise in leveraging the power of Google AdWords. What does this mean, and how can it help you?

How it works

The Google AdWords network can be used by anyone to manage ad campaigns, but given the sophisticated and powerful technology that comes with the network, managing a Google Ad campaign is actually a precise science that needs to be learnt. That’s why Google offers a certification program to help online marketing professionals become Google Adwords Certified Professionals. They become well versed with the ins and outs of managing a Google Ads campaign, like tracking leads and conversions, competitive bidding, tracking advanced metrics for awareness campaigns and online sales campaigns, click-through rates and quality scores, to name just a few.

An agency gets accredited as a Google Adwords Partner Agency when it proves that it has both ‘expertise’ and ‘history’ when it comes to managing Google Ads Campaigns. If an agency has two or more Google certified professionals (‘expertise’), who have managed a certain amount of advertising spend in line with Google’s policies (‘history’), then voilà! The agency is officially certified as a Google Adwords Partner Agency.

How can a Google Partner Agency help you?

Well, it obviously makes us certified experts at managing Google Ads campaigns. It also comes with a snazzy set of perks, like getting the first pick of all new products and innovations developed by the good folks at Google, which in turn ensures that your brand always gets the first-mover advantage.

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

The media suites that Google has pioneered are beyond compare across websites, apps and the mobile web. Using suites like the Google Display Network and the Google Search Network, we are able to market your brand based on contextual relevance or intent of the user respectively. Since these platforms offered by Google are highly effective in terms of cost, technology and capacity, Google Partner agencies bear the responsibility of taking these powerful offerings to their clients. Like Google, Fountainhead Digital is an agency that has specific interests in reaching out to a large number of small and medium businesses, to help them harness the power of Google AdWords, making their their marketing and sales campaigns more effective due to a greater focus on ROI.

So what’s next?

Well, this is the part where you get in touch with us to unleash the power of Google AdWords to drive awareness and sales for your brand and business through highly targeted, contextually relevant and ROI focused methodologies.

For more information, feel free to contact our Google Adwords Certified Professionals.

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