Fountainhead Digital MKTG worked with AccessWork to create a portal to showcase and offer their commercial work space leases online, lead management and critical business functions.


AccessWork is run by an expert group of leaders with cumulative experience of over 100 years. They strive to provide the most technologically advanced and functional work environments to clients, enabling them to work efficiently and without hassle.


Creating a website to reach and connect with their target audience, showcasing their unique offering to relevant viewers. Running a search and display campaign to increase brand awareness and visibility. It was imperative that AccessWork’s revolutionary solutions were communicated coherently to the website’s visitors.


Fountainhead MKTG created a website with fresh, uncluttered and bright imagery and graphics, reflecting the brand’s technology-first, contemporary and intelligent ethos. AccessWork’s main products and offerings are displayed prominently on the homepage, from where users can easily access and view product details. Education about each offering was presented in an engaging, infographic-style layout for easy consumption.


We built-in advanced technology into the website, allowing clients to look for availability of offices from the convenience of their computers. It was complemented by a complex backend ERP system for AccessWork’s data and lead management and billing systems with automated invoice generations, while prepping it for efficient SEO.

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