Mondelez Oreo

Fountainhead Digital MKTG created a Virtual Reality game that engaged parents, kids and young adults alike by immersing them in the world of a new offering - Cadbury-Dipped Oreos, while also driving trials.


Oreo is an iconic cookie brand which is a bestseller across the world and has been a vital player in the premium biscuit market since its launch in India in 2011.


While cookies like Milano, Pillsbury Cookies and Dark Fantasy rule the Upper Premium category, Oreo wanted a king-sized bite from the pie. Enter the Cadbury-Dipped Oreo – merging the delicious flavour of Cadbury chocolate with the classic Oreo to deliver a cookie that would storm the market and millions of taste buds. A product proposition of such magnitude required instant awareness and trials. The brief to the agency was to create an interactive experience that would help users enter the world of Cadbury-Dipped Oreos while also driving trials for the new offering.


Fountainhead Digital MKTG delivered the desired impact with a Virtual Reality game that engaged parents, kids and young adults alike. The interactive game immersed players in an adventure set in a visually branded Oreo world. Players would participate in making and consuming Cadbury-dipped Oreo biscuits, coursing through chocolate and milk waterfalls on Oreo themed rides.



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