Tata Future Zone

The $145.3 billion Tata Group saw a need to showcase their future-vision based on a legacy of sustainable growth to stay future-ready.


The $145.3 billion Tata Group - one of the world’s largest business conglomerates.


To create a hyper-sensory experience of the vision of the future by their group and businesses.


Fountainhead Digital MKTG worked with the Tata Group to build a rich immersive experience in the form of a ‘Future Zone’ based on the principle of ‘Cave Virtual Reality’ which takes users through a journey to the future. And all of this without the use of Virtual Reality headsets but still bringing in a combination of motion, voice, touch and immersion. The project is one of a kind in scale and integration and a format uniquely built to showcase the great future of the business group that rests on a legacy of sustainable growth and community responsibility.

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