Feb 2017

What’s The Right ‘Social’ For You?

Businesses often feel the need to be present on all every single social networking site. But, here’s a secret. The key to making the most of social media is to find the right platform for your brand and...

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Dec 2014

5 App Picks for the Month

Here’s our top 5 app picks of the month: Productivity – Clear for iPad: The guys at Realmacsoftware never seem to amaze us with the UX of their products. Clear, one of the world’s leading apps, has been...

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Dec 2014

Latest at FHD –

Fountainhead Digital is proud to launch a new toolkit store for everyone who plans and runs events. What happens when Technology expertise meets a 2-decade legacy of Experiential Marketing Leadership? Watching and learning from the team over at...

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Nov 2014

The Future of Bitcoins

Will this disruptive new open-source, P2P currency change e-commerce as we know it? Or is this just another bubble that will continue to grow, fuelling expectations, only to ultimately burst in our face? What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is...

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Oct 2014

Really Stop RSS!

Here’s a fact – It’s a great bit of technology if you look at it from the user’s point of view, but RSS by itself does not promote a sustainable internet. Google Reader shutdown? The internet needed that....

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Sep 2014

Writing for the Web

Google is the new grammar teacher and writing for the web is different from traditional writing. The key to good web copy is the Three Second Rule – grab your reader’s attention in the first 3 seconds and...

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