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From factory floors to remote locations, merge reality and holographic content to create interactive, efficient on-site support and better training and education solutions.


Mixed reality allows employees to physically walk around and explore various safety hazards – accidents, spills, and explosions, to name a few – all in a safe environment, ensuring greater impact and retention of information.


Avoid losses in revenue and productivity – share expert knowledge with remote workers to help with repairing, troubleshooting or conducting maintenance on equipment, in real time.


Overlay information (like assembly steps!) on real world environments, letting people learn on the job or be guided quickly and efficiently by off-site experts.


No bulky equipment, just a headset. The HoloLens can serve as a planning, design tool for sales pitches, saving you time, money and effort, while demonstrating your equipment – at full size and scale – in actual environments.


Transform challenging topics to visual, tactile, hands-on experiences, enabling students to reach new dimensions of understanding.


Utilise the HoloLens’s full spatial awareness to understand and work around any potential concerns during the space planning phase – from decor and visualisations, to lines of sight, and more.


Keep your head up and hands free as you explore new terrain, as the HoloLens allows you to delve inside your subjects, access guidance, and share your ideas, within real-world scenarios.


Streamline processes and enable collaboration by creating shared holographic experiences for multiple participants, regardless of location.


From museums to architectural walkthroughs, use holographic content, images, movies, illustrations, animations, and more to create interactive experiences that go far beyond the physical.

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