In November 2015, NESFAS, the Indigenous Partnership and Slow Food International organised the International Mei-Ramew gathering, the second edition of the international event Indigenous Terra Madre, which brought together indigenous people from around the world and presented them with a unique opportunity to network and share knowledge about food, nutrition and biocultural diversity. The attendees numbered in tens of thousands and came from all over the world – presenting a significant logistical challenge. The portal was developed to address this challenge. Besides giving the attendees information about the event, the portal featured a registration and ticketing system customised for different itinerary combinations, promotions and discounts. Once registered, users could easily access travel and accommodation information via integrations created with the infrastructure of the host airlines and hotels. Finally, a travel planner and tracker helped ensure a smooth transit and festival experience for all the attendees while also keeping the event managers in the know to organise custom activities.