Latest at FHD –

Fountainhead Digital is proud to launch a new toolkit store for everyone who plans and runs events. What happens when Technology expertise meets a 2-decade legacy of Experiential Marketing Leadership?

Watching and learning from the team over at Fountainhead Promotions & Events, which has been making awesome on ground experiences for brands for the past two decades, we’ve launch a whole kit of digital event enhancement products.

We’ve started off with four awesome products:

1. Confee - One of the most loved products at FHD, Confee is simplicity incarnate. Run Q&A sessions, Live word clouds and Opinion polls through SMS and a mobile and web interface for events of all sizes. Yep, Confee is your saviour from passing mics around, chits and messy voting pads!

2. Quizzical - A trivia adventure with a timely twist, as our Copy team calls it. Quizzical does away with buzzers and the need for the Quizmaster to play drill sergeant with the teams and the audience, by making your quizzes run completely on iPads. With a minimal setup, multiple formats, different scoring methodologies and a repository of questions from across History, Science, Literature, Entertainment and Sports, Quizzical is here to ‘change the game’ of Quizzes.

3. EventSites - Yep. Event + Website = EventSites. This is our custom offering of websites that power your event’s online presence. So no more time-consuming briefing of your agencies or figuring out feature lists and prototypes and spending big money! And don;t be limited by the DIY stuff out there, either. EventSites allows you to choose from a menu of features with transparent pricing, all custom-made for Events.

4. EventApps - Yay! Event + App = EventApps. Everything that EventSites offers is available as a cross-platform mobile app with EventApps. This too offers a feature list and transparent pricing, while also giving you your own presence on the App Store, unlike the DIY options out there which dilute your brand when your customer goes to the App marketplaces.

So what’re you waiting for? Go shopping now for everything you need to delight your attendees and participants!