MoSoCal is the future of Advertising

MoSoCal – Mobile + Social, heading to Local
Yes, that is the future of advertising.

Imagine three scenarios – both of which involve a total audience base of 1 million. In the first scenario, the 1 million base is one big community, which is targeted by one route of advertising. In the second scenario, the 1 million is made up of 10 communities of 100,000 each, with a segmented message. And in the third scenario, the 1 million is made up of 10,000 communities of 1000 people each.

The third scenario is where all advertising will need to move to.

Agencies have already taken up the format of a ‘News Desk’. Digital Media required that communication be conversational, continuously monitored, adapted and real-time. This saw successful execution in legendary campaigns like the Old Spice Man, the several cases of brands reacting to real-time happenings like at the Super Bowl and the brilliant social contest campaigns that we have seen.

However, the medium is moving and evolving faster than the marketer.

The key drivers of MoSoCal are:

1. Localisation of digital media - Google has been doing it for years. Facebook is taking serious steps towards it. The latest ‘hot apps’ are finding people local connections.

2. Big Data meets Big Marketing - The large Global Brands and their agencies are turning to big data, driven by the boom in the loyalty and CRM spaces to make customers’ experience more customised and personal

3. In search of the real - We all loved what the internet opened up for us. The ability to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world. But what that led to, which is a lot of people having a lot of virtual connections, is the depravation of ‘real’ connections. Having a huge Facebook Friends’ list isn’t a substitute for having real connections that one can touch and feel. Rather, it makes one miss the ‘real’, even more!

4. Mobile technology – Somebody makes it, but it’s incomplete and undersold. Then Apple takes it and its complete and marketed like magic. Then Android adapts it and opens it up to the world, with partnerships like Android One which take it to the mass audience. Mobile Technology is evolving at a break neck pace, fuelled by the highly competitive nature of the industry. And with more product innovations, consumer begin to expect even more out of the brands that are using the medium to get their attention.

5. Communitarian behaviour - Not only are people looking for real connections, but they’re also looking to be part of ‘real communities’. Today we witness the resurgence of clubs, local groups and small-format events. All of this is proof of the age of the small communities.

So marketers, don’t look for that million-strong single community that can give you less than a quarter of the engagement that several small communities coming together can offer you. And embrace data to that effect!

So will we miss communication decision moments like these in marketing war rooms to come?