Aditya Birla Group – HR Summit

The Client

Headed by Dr. Santrupt Misra, the Group Human Resources’ (Group HR) focuses on creating stakeholder value through superior organisational and people capability, in line with the strategic direction of the Group. While preparing the Group for future growth and globalisation through appropriate people processes and initiatives, Group HR is also the key process owner of the Aditya Birla Group employer brand, induction and development of senior talent in the Group, articulation and guidance of its people vision, the organisation culture and Group values.

The Aditya Birla Group HR (ABGHR) Summit is a biennial/triennial global gathering of the Group’s HR professionals. The third edition of the ABGHR Summit was held from 16th to the 18th April, 2015, in Bangalore, India. The theme of the event was ‘One and Only HR 2020’, which focused on achieving Group HR’s vision for the year 2020 by focusing on three core areas – leadership excellence, execution excellence and technology excellence.

The Ask

The primary objective of the summit was to connect and engage HR professionals of the Group from across the world in order to discuss, share ideas and collaborate on strategies that would translate into business impact, as well as transform them into a formidable global HR community.
To achieve all this, Group HR wanted a web portal that would serve as the hub for all the activities in the pre-event period, as well as during the live event. They also wanted an app and event enhancement technology that would improve the live engagement, connectivity and collaboration at the summit.

The Solution

Fountainhead Digital conceptualised and executed four primary solutions to help Group HR meet their engagement goals for the summit.

1. Group HR Website

The Group HR website is a highly customised, engaging website designed to be the central point around which the activities of the summit would revolve. We created the logo for the event, and built the website around a colour palette and contemporary design that resonated with the theme of the event – excellence in leadership, execution and technology.

Powered by some cool technology, the website was fitted with an exclusive login system, a collaborative platform and an internal social media sharing platform.


  • Team Work – a collaborative system where teams from around the world could collaborate across time zones – compiling documents that addressed various pressing issues that would be submitted and reviewed at the summit.
  • HR Corner – an interactive centre where members of the portal could share articles, images, links, etc.
  • HeRoes – a series of profile pages featuring the HR leaders of Group from across the world.
  • Peer Speak – a social word cloud where members could submit one word describing their beloved HR leaders.
  • Event History and Details – a series of pages about the evolution of Group HR, the plan for the summit, schedule, and a guide to the host city – Bangalore.

2. The Official HR Summit App

The app, which was designed for compatibility with OS X, Windows, Android and Blackberry platforms, was packed with a host of features designed to give on-the-go access to all the activities around the summit. At the event, the app served as the primary tool for engagement and registration. Along with live updates and notifications, the app also gave quick access to relevant information, including schedules, speaker bios, Bangalore Guide, etc.

3. Event Enhancement

A special feature ‘Particpate’ was designed to augment the interactivity and engagement at the event. Attendees were able to seamlessly voice their opinion, ask questions and engage with the speakers, in just a few simple steps. Moderators of the event were able to view all the responses sent by the attendees, ensuring that only appropriate content is displayed.


  • Q&A for Speaker Sessions – Attendees could select the Q&A feature on the app and submit a question that they would like to ask the speaker. The submissions were viewed by a moderator on a custom designed panel, then approved for display on the big screen where the speaker answered it.
  • Word Cloud – Attendees could contribute to the word cloud by submitting a single word in response to a question that was asked. The app collated and mapped the sentiments received to the frequency of submission, presenting it in a dynamic word cloud!
  • Poll – Attendees could voice their opinion by selecting an answer to a question asked by the speaker. Their choices were displayed in the form of a dynamic graph on the screen.

4. Registration

Fountainhead Digital designed and conceptualised a special registration system, powered by the official app and an onground installation. iPads were placed in the pre-function area and a unique QR code was given to each attendee. They scanned their QR codes from the app at the event to complete their registration and mark their attendance.

5. Live Collaboration at the Event

We designed and developed a highly functional onground collaboration system that enabled delegates from around the world to collaborate in teams and present their views before the summit. Laptops were given to each group, pre-loaded with a custom designed dashboard that took them through a series of questions. The answers were submitted dynamically by the attendees and were then displayed on the big screen by the moderator for further discussion at the summit.

The Result

Primarily powered by our digital solutions, the Aditya Birla Group’s HR Summit was a smashing success. With the website, the app and the onground enhancements working seamlessly together, the delegates were able to network, collaborate, strategise and have a very productive three days in Bangalore. Be it the speakers, the attendees or our clients, they were all delighted with the technology, concept and efficiency behind these solutions!

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