Birla Cellulose

The Client

The flagship brand of the Aditya Birla Group’s Pulp and Fibre business, Birla Cellulose is a global leader in man-made cellulosic fibres. The world’s largest producer of Viscose Staple Fibre (a man-made, biodegradable fibre with characteristics akin to cotton), this business, that now straddles eight countries, has grown steadily over six decades to achieve global leadership with a 21 per cent market share. As an extremely versatile and easily blend-able fibre, VSF is widely used in apparels, home textiles, dress material, knitted wear and non-woven applications.

The Ask

As a global leader, and a brand with a versatile range of applications, Birla Cellulose wanted a website that would capture every aspect of the process that went into making the best VSF in the world. The website was to be segregated according to application, products, and had to be targeted at each of its stakeholders. With brand promises such as ‘natural, fluid, fashion’, the website also had to be beautiful in design and delightful in user experience.

The Solution

Fountainhead Digital designed a website that brought together beautiful design, displaying the brand, its promise, its applications in a way that would be accessible and delightful to various stakeholders. The landing page showcased the three key features of the brand through beautiful visuals and copy. From the landing page, users are given multiple channels to navigate to a section that is relevant to them, based on their role in Birla Cellulose’s stakeholder value chain. The website features a special section where a series of video banners take the user through the various stages of the manufacturing process, turning technical information into a delightful story. The website was also designed with a special focus on user experience, presenting technical information and content for consumers wherever relevant.

The Result

Available in both English and Mandarin (catering to the brand’s global audience), the website reflects the look and feel of the brand and captures every aspect of its story. Through an ideal balance of images, content, videos, and illustrations, the website has become the perfect home for Birla Cellulose.

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