HCL TalentCare

The Client

HCL TalentCare is a company that offers fresh graduates the ability to be job-ready by putting them through an intensive and application-focused one-year program. It also offers companies the ability to save tremendous recruitment and training costs, by offering them a bank of job-ready individuals. These candidates do not need extensive induction, thus saving significant cost to companies that are hiring graduates at the junior-end levels.

The Objective

HCL TalentCare is a new entrant in the market that is already associated with a corporate brand which is primarily present in the software services sector. HCL TalentCare needed to put the word out in terms of their offering, the need for their offering and a compelling communication to drive sign-ups and registration by students. Simultaneously, be able to acquire enterprises that are looking at hiring large amounts of entry-level talent.

​The Approach

The central idea of HCL TalentCare’s campaign was ‘Life Badlo Boss’ which offered students the dream of a better and transformed life. Taking this forward, the overall approach by Fountainhead Digital in terms of digital marketing was to take the promise of ‘Life Badlo Boss’ forward across social media and other digital channels. The campaign also aimed at glamorising the entire experience of being a part of HCL TalentCare’s training, showcase facilities and other allied information such that everything comes together to form a very compelling proposition for students to sign-up for. Fountainhead Digital also reached out to enterprises by showing them the benefits of hiring rigorously trained and highly focused candidates from HCL TalentCare. We assured the enterprises of the fact that when they hire from HCL TalentCare, they are hiring high quality talent.

The Solution

Fountainhead Digital utilised a mix of rich digital media to showcase HCL TalentCare’s offerings and generate leads from the same.

Google AdWords

To take this promise forward, Fountainhead Digital first ensured that students who are searching for jobs, certifications and career guidance, find HCL TalentCare. We tapped into intent targeting, wherein we ensured there was an extensive paid search campaign, highly targeted to students who were looking for jobs, certifications, training, interviewing skills, career guidance, etc. The campaign was executed by using innovative timed bidding strategies, including tapping into bid times of the day during which the bid for premium keywords like career guidance, careers interview skills, etc. was significantly lesser.

Fountainhead Digital ensured that anybody who is looking for information in this space can find HCL TalentCare as one of the top results. We took this one step further by ensuring that our message -‘Life Badlo Boss’ and all the other allied messages were present in portals, blogs and forums which already have content related to career guidance.


Fountainhead Digital even extended the campaign to YouTube by positioning HCL TalentCare as a cutting-edge company when it comes to showcasing their infrastructure and facilities. We tapped into an absolutely new technology which was as fresh as a week on Facebook and YouTube, by creating a 360-degree immersive video for mobile and desktop users backed by targeted promotions on social media. This was a complete 360-degree walkthrough and gave the user an experience of being on the campus itself.

Facebook & LinkedIn

Finally, Fountainhead Digital ran an extensive campaign where we built up a content repository which showed the advantages of joining HCL TalentCare. The content was carefully tailored by using engaging content – tips, tricks, facts, etc. all connecting to the brand promise of HCL TalentCare. We took this one step further by using Facebook’s new and innovative lead ads campaign that generates leads directly from Facebook ads. The lead generation campaign featured HCL TalentCare’s state-of-the-art campus which is unlike any other training institute’s hostel in India.

Landing Pages

Fountainhead Digital ensured there was an extensive group of landing pages which were A/B and multivariate-tested to ensure that our message is focused in order to drive maximum conversion.

The Results

HCL TalentCare’s conversion results were astounding in terms of leads, even for a service that is absolutely new in the market. HCL TalentCare experienced a significant rise in participation in career drives which were locally promoted through a targeted manner using specific cities, languages and regions. It also ensured a continuous flow of leads and admissions to HCL TalentCare. The total number of people reached from the entire campaign was 2,403,960.

Overall, Fountainhead Digital successfully launched a brand with a very new offering to an audience which is extremely difficult to reach out to and in a space that is cluttered by established players.

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