The Client

The Mei-Ramew Festivals organised every year by the North East Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) in Meghalaya around December promote sustainable local food systems that protect biocultural diversity, local economies and the hope to provide fair and enduring jobs for young people. In November 2015, NESFAS, The Indigenous Partnership and Slow Food International organised the International Mei-Ramew gathering, the second edition of the international event Indigenous Terra Madre, which brought together indigenous peoples from around the world and presented them with a unique opportunity to network and share knowledge about food, nutrition and biocultural diversity.

The Objective

The festival aimed to bring together India’s largest ever international indigenous food festival, which meant that the outreach required us to be accessible to people from all over the world. The festival itself was a massive logistical challenge, with the scale of potential attendees, the required logistics and the relatively inaccessible destination, with multiple travel itineraries and preferences.

‚ÄčThe Solution

We started off by studying the legacy of the Festival and the various organisations that were coming together to make it happen. This gave us the insights required to design a contemporary website and work on a content style that would be accessible and understandable to the varied mix that formed the festival’s attendees.

Next, we worked closely with Fountainhead Events MKTG and Fountainhead Corporate Journeys MKTG to completely automate the travel and logistics of an attendee – the attendee would come to the website, select from multiple packages, choose their preferred itinerary and pay online. In the back-end, all the information was captured and meticulously organised by our system to ensure that right from the airport pick up to the airport drop at the end, and everything in between (festival pass, accommodation, local travel etc.) was crystal clear.

The Results

The Festival was a resounding success and is well on it’s way to win multiple awards for logistical and technological prowess. The feedback to the logistics and communication was outstanding and is being considered a benchmark for future festivals.

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