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The Client

TechProcess Payment Services is India’s leading payments processing and transaction technology company. TechProcess works with some of India’s largest banks and financial institutions and large-scale Government Services, powering their payments infrastructure.

The Problem

One of TechProcess’ clients was facing a large and complex problem in their Payments Collection Process. This particular Government Organisation used a field force to travel across the state, most often to some very disconnected interior parts, to collect payments from households for the services provided, mostly in the form of loose cash, against hand-written receipts.

This very collection process was at such a scale, that it took months for a single collection to be reconciled with the Central Payments System. Due to the lack of internet connectivity in these areas, there was no way to reconcile with the Central System in real-time.

The result was delays, inaccuracies in cash reconciliation, as well as the threat of theft, hoarding and rotating of cash, which could potentially cause losses amounting to millions.

​The Solution

TechProcess worked with Fountainhead Digital to create an Android app that would serve to reconcile payments as much in real-time as possible, and also generate receipts via SMS to customers. This app also had to have an ability to accurately synchronise offline data with the Central Payments System as and how the Field Force representative entered 3G or WiFi coverage.

The Features

The Field Force would, on receipt of cash, enter the amount in the app. The app would generate an acknowledgement via SMS and despatch it to the customer, tying in the records of the Field Force with the record in the hands of the customer. All the data of all the collections by the Field Force would be stored in the Android device, till the device enters 3G coverage or connects to the internet via Wifi at one of the satellite or branch offices. On connecting, the app would accurately synchronise data with the Central Payments System, updating the records instantaneously.
Finally, by locking the app with the device using a device ID and using an advanced authentication system, we ensured that the app would remain absolutely secure and protected from abuse.

The Result

​The app solution had a successful pilot and is ready to be rolled out across the entire Field Force in the state. Further, by this partnership, TechProcess’ advanced solutions see the potential of going right into the palms of even the lowest level of the Payments System (the Collections Agent), ensure the protection and rights of the customer and enable absolutely accurate, real-time and convenient data reconciliation.

The Highlights

  • ​Custom Android app
  • Advanced Financial Technology Standard Security
  • Seamless Offline-Online data synchronisation
  • Easy to use
  • Delivering Real Business Results

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