The Client

Mpower is the brainchild of Mrs. Neerja Birla along with her daughter, Miss Anayashree Birla, who wanted to address the growing mental health concerns in the country. Mpower is an initiative that aims are eradicating the stigma associated with mental illness, along with providing easy access to treatment to the socio-economic backward classes of society.

The Ask

Being a pioneer in this endeavor, Mpower needed to establish its identity by building a brand presence online as well as offline.

​The Solution

Fountainhead Digital MKTG, partnered with Mpower in order to spread awareness about this social cause. 
We began by creating a logo for the brand that resonates the brand promise as well as message. Alongside, adhering to the needs of the brand as well the sentiment of society, we designed a social awareness campaign to #StampOutStigma. The campaign was an enormous success that garnered the support of thousands of people across the country while creating awareness about mental health conditions. Fountainhead Digital MKTG also designed and developed a website aligned with the brand identity that provides all the information about Mpower as well as educates people about the cause. We build the website and social media presence in a manner that encouraged people to open up, share their opinions and pledge their support to the cause through various initiatives. All the online effort, that resulted in a community of people who firmly stand for the cause, was accompanied by on-ground activities and collaterals that reinforced the message of the brand.

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