Svatantra Website

The Client

Svatantra Microfin Pvt. Ltd is a microfinance institution that helps its customers become economically self-sustainable by providing micro loans. The company has a presence in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and is one of the premier microfinance institutions in India, with a focus on technological advancement and efficiency in lending and risk mitigation.

The Objective

Our relationship with Svatantra began with the company itself. The objective was to position Svatantra as a cutting-edge and trustworthy microfinance institution in a time when the microfinance industry in India had been rocked by cash inefficiencies and fraud. Svatantra was looking for an agency that could live up to it’s fast-paced growth with most industry factors working against it.

‚ÄčThe Solution

We started by working with Svatantra on their brand positioning – portraying them to be a company that is in the space of Financial Inclusion, Empowering Entrepreneurship and making a real and sustainable change to the communities that they cater to. With this positioning in mind, we conceptualised, designed and developed their website to reflect “stories of change” and the larger impact of Svatantra’s financing to the communities they operate in.

The website and social media presence of Svatantra reflects the image of a company that is responsible, working with communities that have no access to mainstream financing, enabling quality change in the lifestyle of families by encouraging women in entrepreneurship and celebrating the achievements of the unsung entrepreneurs of Rural India at par with Silicon Valley success stories.

The website’s design however is one that is contemporary and global, using rich imagery and infographics to illustrate the otherwise complex details of Svatantra’s work.

The social media presence is kept buzzing the active through a series of campaigns including engaging videos of the #StoriesOfChange and a photo contest (Point of View) aimed to generate awareness of Svatantra’s work to the urban world and drive advocacy.

The Results

Svatantra has the largest and most active base among all microfinance institutions in India, with a community of people who share the vision of Svatantra and actively participate in advocacy.

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