The Client

TechProcess Payment Services Limited is India’s leading electronic payments firm with a simple vision to offer anytime, anywhere payments to all. Their clients range from emerging businesses to the largest and most trusted brands across India. TechProcess represents a perfect amalgamation of expertise and resources to provide most comprehensive, secure, time-proven and innovative e-payment solutions.

The Ask

TechProccess approached Fountainhead Digital to recreate their website. They wanted a fresh look and feel while maintaining TechProcess’ heritage as an industry leader in payment solutions.

The Solution

We spent some time working with the client on objectives and audiences and the prioritisation of both. These prioritised lists gave us the tools to start developing content ideas and associated layouts.

Our team paid great attention to design details to meet the client’s requirement. We implemented great imagery in an uncluttered layout and an innovative approach to main navigation. With minimalist and material design, we brought in vibrancy for the audience.

Future Plans

We are working on a series of animated videos to make our audiences aware of TechProcess’ offerings in a contemporary manner which will be appealing to the young and modern generation.

The Highlights

  • A great looking, user-friendly website
  • Unified experience across platforms and device sizes

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