Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy


The Client

Wipro is an established player in the Indian consumer goods market. Wipro Consumer Care’s Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy is a sucralose-based artificial sweetener which exists in a market that is dominated by the likes of Splenda and Sugarfree.

The Ask

The primary objective was to make known the fact that Sweet ‘n’ Healthy exists. Secondly, showcase the benefits of Sweet ‘n’ Healthy. Thirdly, drive adoption and purchases of Sweet ‘n’ Healthy among the two categories – the diabetics and health conscious individuals.

​The Solution

Typically, other players in this space rely on recipe contests, showcasing the medical benefits or the safety of their product. In order to break the cluster established by Sugarfree and Splenda, we went right back to what the promise of the brand was – Why do people like sugar? Because people like sweetness, and sweetness is essentially a sign of happy times. Sweetness is cutting a cake on your birthday. Sweetness is distributing sweets during festivals. Sweetness is that little indulgence when you’ve had a long day. Sweetness is that childish joy and delight when you see a dessert. Sweetness is closely intertwined with happiness and joy. We took this one step further by promoting the fact that Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy is not just a sugar substitute, but a ‘Sweeter Life’. A ‘Sweeter Life’ is a promise that is larger and goes beyond just taste. It goes to promise people with health issues the fact that they can still enjoy the pleasures of life. It goes on to promise fitness enthusiasts the fact that they do not need deprive themselves completely of their indulgences.

In order to drive this approach, we wanted to put forward a brand promise rather than a product benefit. We created a very simple contest on social media. Users had to submit pictures or videos of instances of ‘Sweet Life’. We offered exciting e-commerce vouchers and a smartphone to the best submissions.

The Results

The moment we launched the campaign, we received a wide array of great entries – right from baby videos to stories to personal videos to cats to family experiences! We received a diverse amount of content which got the buzz going on our Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy’s page. A page which was generally inactive and had only product information before Fountainhead Digital took over. The participation was tremendous with people being very involved with their submissions and actually engaging with the brand. The final count of the photo entries for the #SweetLife contest was 256.

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