Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy


The Client

Wipro is an established player in the Indian consumer goods market. Wipro Consumer Care’s Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy is a sucralose-based artificial sweetener which exists in a market that is dominated by the likes of Splenda and Sugarfree.

The Objective

The primary objective was to make known the fact that Sweet ‘n’ Healthy exists. Secondly, showcase the benefits of Sweet ‘n’ Healthy. Thirdly, drive adoption and purchases of Sweet ‘n’ Healthy on the e-commerce platform, Big Basket.

​The Solution

Fountainhead Digital MKTG launched a campaign that seamlessly merged the client’s needs along with a campaign strategy that not only highlighted the benefits of the product, but showcased Sweet ‘n’ Healthy as a Super Sub in people’s lives. The contest lead to increased engagement, boosted social media reach, and multiplied sales.

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