What’s The Right ‘Social’ For You?

Businesses often feel the need to be present on all every single social networking site. But, here’s a secret. The key to making the most of social media is to find the right platform for your brand and growing it to its full potential. The trick is to match your brand’s content and target audience to the social media platform that will give it most engagement.

The undisputed platform for brand awareness with the highest number of users in the world. Unlike other platforms, Facebook doesn’t cater to a specific kind of content, be it blogs, gifs, videos or images. A brand is free to experiment with different types of content.  Regardless of what your brand sells, you could make Facebook your primary brand platform. Moreover, Facebook’s targeted page and post promotion features can help you build a relevant, engaged community.
The popular micro-blogging site celebrates content created in the moment rather than the scheduled ones. Best suited for brands that wish to indulge right away and directly with their audience. Also a perfect place for contest alerts, announcements and images that can go viral, this is a useful medium for brands that want to stay on top of emerging and changing trends. Use this medium to target specific audience, events, or category using popular hashtags, or connect with influencers and find new routes to your audience.
Along with catchy images paired with relevant hashtags, Instagram ­supports ­engagement in the form of likes, reposts and comments.  Instagram works wonders for brands in the fashion, food, travel and lifestyle space, or any brand withstrong visual content. Just like Twitter, Instagram is also home to popular influencers who create engagement and buzz for your brand through mentions and shout outs.
Think of it as Google for videos, the world’s second largest search engine is a true gold mine for video discoveries and discussions. It is a great place for brands that can frequently produce informative or entertaining video content for their audience. YouTube’s limitless duration helps brands showcase their product in detail while features like annotations can help build links and give updates on new videos.
The social pin board for all things interesting, Pinterest is ideal for businesses that can create large amounts of visual for their audiences. Much like Instagram, it works well for brands in the food, fashion, décor, art, travel, and lifestyle sectors. Targetting hardcore enthusiasts or people who like to refer to, collect and store visual content for inspiration, Pinterest offers brands a great opportunity to engage regularly with a focused audience.So, while it’s possible for a brand to stretch onto every social platform there is online, why waste time and money to be present everywhere when you can simply be the best on the right platforms?

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