Aditya Birla Augmented Reality Bonanza



Bonanza was an Augmented Reality-based Employee Engagement initiative developed for the USD 43 Billion Aditya Birla Group. Bonanza rode on the Pokemon Go craze, and brought together the Group’s employees from around the world and across businesses and functions. Employees switched on their apps to discover ‘spheres of opportunities’ floating about around their offices. The visual was based on the identity of their Employee Value Proposition – a world of opportunities, which was represented by a group of spheres, each indicating a different opportunity. Employees searched and found these opportunities at different spots in their offices and at other locations, unlocked them, shared them with their colleagues and thus, had the message of the EVP reinforced – Opportunities are everywhere! The spheres contained learning, engaging trivia, quizzes and surprise gifts, all customised according to geography and the employee profile.