ABG Fastest Sector First



Fastest Sector First is a business case study system built for the employees of the USD 43 Billion Aditya Birla Group. The game is a digital adaptation of the popular game – Ludo, and its familiarity makes it an easy play for everyone. 4 employees from 4 different sectors competed in a board to get their icon up to the centre of the board, at the earliest. A virtual die determined steps and progress at random, and each landing posed a challenge in the form of a quiz or an outcome that was advantageous or disadvantageous. Advantageous outcomes and successful outcomes of quizzes allowed users to jump multiple steps ahead, choose for an opponent to skip a turn, and unlock bonuses. The entire gameplay was set in the context of key strategic priorities of the business, where the players found answers and proposed solutions to, as they journeyed towards the centre of the board with quizzes and points of skipping mimicking real business scenarios and simulations.

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