ABG Manufacturing Leadership Program



The Global Manufacturing Leadership Program is a specialised recruitment program of the Aditya Birla Group, which aims to recruit senior managerial talent from across the globe to head specialised roles at major manufacturing locations and businesses. The program required a customised sourcing, evaluation, interviewing and onboarding experience. Fountainhead Digital MKTG worked with the team to convert a 100% manual process to one that is completely digitised. The web portal informed potential candidates about the program and served as the landing destination for a global digital campaign. The candidates submitted their application online which was taken through multiple stages of an evaluation process, regulated and monitored by the system, and then reported to recruiters and clients with structured accesses for different functions. The process was fully automated and/or digitally supported, with notifications, alerts, reminders and an admin panel that managed the entire process while giving out reports to different stage recruiters. The portal also handheld the candidate right up to the scheduling of the final interview, irrespective of the geographical location of the candidate.

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