Aditya Birla Sports



Aditya Birla Sports is an initiative that aims to promote the development of sports across all formats. The organisation curates sports events and works with policymakers to create favourable circumstances for upcoming sportspersons to excel. In order to convey the purpose and create a unifying brand around all their experiences, Aditya Birla Sports worked with Fountainhead Digital MKTG to define its brand purpose, ethos and identity. Given the diverse nature of sports that the organisation addresses, an exploratory exercise conducted by Fountainhead Digital MKTG concluded that the best brand platform the organisation could occupy would be based on the very basics of sports and fitness. All sports activities work towards the optimisation of 3 aspects – Strength, Power and Endurance, and what underlies them and is honed over time as well, is technique. And every athlete works towards the optimisation of these in varying degrees to better their performance. The combination in which the 3 come together is unique for each person, and yet it is the path to excellence. The visual identity created conveys just that, along with the colour choice – Magenta for strength (the colour of music), Yellow for power (explosive dispensation of strength) and blue for endurance (like the endurance of wind or water). All three colours form a balanced element – the balance indicating technique. The angularity of the identity also conveys the constant process of improvement and the unending pursuit of excellence. The identity was extended across Aditya Birla Sports’ experiences and marketing collaterals, with further extensions made possible by the definition of the same in a comprehensive brand guide.