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The Bosstomer Initiative is a customer centricity initiative launched by the USD 43 Billion Aditya Birla Group in order to make a cultural shift within the organisation, being more customer centric across all its processes and functions. The Bosstomer App was created in order to expand the initiative to plants, retail outlets and the field force. It allowed employees to submit customer-centric ideas through voice – which was transcribed and inserted into a framework, for ideas to be evaluated and chosen for pilot and implementation. The app thus allowed an otherwise complex input mechanism to become a convenient ‘tap, record and submit’ model. The UX was based on an approach of absolute simplicity – in order to reinforce the message that big changes can arise from simple thinking. Further, in order to explain ‘Customer Journey Mapping’ to all employees, the app also featured an engaging game called ‘The Bosstomer Game!” through which, everyone could learn about the customer journey maps of different businesses, by playing out scenarios in which they raced competitors to capture their customer! The game and the idea submission was further backed by an advanced rewards mechanism which furthered the engagement of the initiative.

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