Bosstomer Game



‘Bosstomer’ is a group-wide initiative of the USD 43 Billion diversified Aditya Birla Group, with businesses ranging from Aluminium to Telecom. The initiative was based on the understanding of the Customer Journey Mapping concept – an understanding and sensitivity that was required across all cadres and functions. The challenge however was the simplification of complex maps to be understood across cadres, ranging from shop floors and retail outlets to corporate offices. In order to address this, Fountainhead Digital MKTG developed ‘the Bosstomer Game’ – a mobile app game that educated the employees about customer journey mapping in a fun and relatable gamified format. Users chased customers and ‘business’, and tried to get to them before their competitors. In the process, they were educated about customer moments of truth and experience points for their specific business. The game ensured not just the simplification and understandability of the concept, but also made it fun!

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