Fountainhead Digital MKTG built a delightful web experience for Dasra to communicate the organization's journey and efforts in catalyzing philanthropy in India to their diverse audiences.


Dasra is catalysing India’s strategic philanthropy movement to transform millions of lives with dignity and equity. In 1999, Dasra was founded on the simple premise that supporting non-profits in their growth will scale their impact on the vulnerable lives they serve.


The challenge presented to Fountainhead Digital MKTG was to convey this in a manner that is contemporary to help connect to corporates and digitally discerning audience.


Fountainhead Digital MKTG built Dasra’s website from the ground up. Despite the challenges of serving multiple purposes and the accompanying technological complexity of integrations, the website communicated Dasra’s ethos and offerings through delightful UX and a clever narrative. It was backed with great UI and seamless design elements. The vibrant website effectively propagated Dasra’s proposition to its audience with ease.



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