Celebrate Bandra is an annual festival of Bandra – an eclectic suburb of Mumbai, which has a rich heritage of Portuguese and Western Indian cultures. Bandra is also one of the most picturesque areas in Mumbai, with a lot of old architecture and small mansions preserved over the ages (but fast diminishing). Celebrate Bandra, celebrates the heritage and culture of Bandra while also raising social awareness for the people in the area and preserving the heritage that is fast ceding ground to a vertical version of Mumbai. Fountainhead Digital MKTG worked with the organisers of the festival to launch an app and take Celebrate Bandra beyond Bandra. The UX was all about Bandra, and featured frequent tropes and ‘Bandra jokes’ in its visual theme, language and tonality – leading to an appreciation of the unique culture of this suburb by the people of Mumbai. The app was fully integrated with social media and acted as a ready reckoner for the festival, as well as a pass to all the events and experiences. The app also featured intuitive maps for topic-specific ‘trails’ as well as a coupon system for restaurateurs of Bandra, to run promotions during the festival, complete with a commerce compatible admin panel for fulfillment of coupons and marketing.

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