The USD 43 Billion Aditya Birla Group is a global, diversified conglomerate with employees of 42 nationalities spread across 36 countries. As part of an EHS engagement, and in the season leading up to the Group’s annual awards ceremony, Fountainhead Digital MKTG devised an end-to-end Fitness Engagement program. Unlike the usual model of a Stepathon or a generic sport/activity-based fitness, the ‘Get Fit ABG’ initiative was personalised, inclusive, intelligent and engaging. Fountainhead Digital MKTG worked with expert trainers in diet, fitness and wellness, to devise the entire program ground up. Every employee received a personalised diet, fitness regime and wellness agenda, which adapted according to the employee’s health profile and daily progress on goals in the agenda. The leaderboard of all employees wasn’t based on equalised performance but rather based on achievement or overachievement of their fitness goals and personal progress through the program. The app, powering the initiative, had all the required content for this and also featured high quality instruction videos for exercises, illustrated by a female or male trainer (as per user choice). A live help centre also answered all the user’s queries, and the personalisation of the agenda for each employee was a mix of pre-set rule-based outcomes while also having regular interventions and analyses by the panel of fitness and wellness experts.