HCL TalentCare was an initiative launched to bridge the gaping skill gap between newly graduating engineering talent and the expectations of enterprises, by means of a skill development program conducted over a year and a half after graduation. The key challenge faced by HCL TalentCare was to convey their value proposition and more importantly, keep potential candidates engaged on a platform that constantly reinforces this value proposition. In order to do so effectively, on a platform that is native to the audience that HCL TalentCare communicates with, Fountainhead Digital MKTG created a fun native Android App titled ‘Life Badlo!’ (Transform your life!) in line with the advertising campaign of the organisation at the time. The app was the hub of everything that pushed the user to aspire for a changed life, while also enabling a pursuit of it. The app listed interesting tips and tricks, a series of engaging interactive videos and offered exclusive access to fun events and entertainment experiences. Additionally, the app also featured a live chat with a counsellor for candidates, as well as a sample of the first step of induction into HCL TalentCare – the ‘Jobability Assessment’, the result of which was meant to be inclusive and encouraging in pointing out areas of improvement which the user is offered at HCL TalentCare. Further, the app was also a ready reckoner for campus and non-campus events conducted by HCL TalentCare in the vicinity of the user, further driving them towards serious consideration of the program.

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