The Maharashtra State Electricity Board faced a daunting problem. A completely ‘cash-based’ collection system was leading to inefficiencies and false reporting, as well as theft of customer bill payments. The mechanism of receivables was based on field ‘linemen’ collecting cash from household in rural areas against a paper receipt. There were many cases of payments not being recorded or being recorded late, which in turn led to many households having their power cut-off despite prompt bill payments. Fountainhead Digital MKTG was engaged by the Payments Management Company of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board, to develop a solution for both, automation as well as prevention of fraud. The result was an App, which was pre-installed into smartphones and given as a ‘smart partner’ to the linemen. The linemen enjoyed a host of contests and incentives for prompt reconciliation on the app, while the app also allowed instant recording of bill receipts and disbursement of acknowledgements via SMS. As the prior obstacle to automation was the lack of adequate internet infrastructure in these areas, the app also had a ‘smart sync’ capability that synced with the central server on entering a mobile data friendly zone or the wifi of branch offices, thus ensuring timely and accurate reconciliation, without the need for (and thus the threat of) manual intervention.