Mpower is a social organisation, founded by Mrs. Neerja Birla, Ms. Ananya Birla and Dr. Zirak Marker, which campaigns for ‘stamping out of stigma’, associated with mental illness while also championing several initiatives for awareness, early detection, counselling and referrals for clinical treatment. Mpower brought great clinical expertise and campaigning power to the burning cause, and required to design an experience that communicated its core values and offering. Fountainhead Digital MKTG worked with Mpower to create an identity that conveyed the act and the result of seeking help – the critical step that Mpower and Fountainhead Digital MKTG identified for the dispensation of the service and promise of Mpower. The identity depicted holding hands forming a speech bubble indicating outreach, support, inclusion and conversation to be the core of Mpower’s proposition, and the two change points that it works towards, across everything that it does. Fountainhead Digital MKTG then translated this identity into a visual universe and worked with Mpower to design all the experience points across media and the customer experience at the Mpower Centre, and the experiential platforms that it created like Ride To Mpower. The assets like the website, marketing materials and the spatial design portrayed a great sense of ‘hope’ with the use of bright and vivid colours and a focus on imagery that indicated a low barrier of outreach and inclusiveness. The Mpower Brand Guide that accompanied this exercise also outlined the extension of the design and its manifestation across the current and possible future marketing assets, keeping the core proposition and promise consistent.