Paynimo product feature videos



Paynimo is one of India’s leading payment gateways servicing several large enterprises and utility providers. Unlike other gateways that primarily target the small and medium business segment, Paynimo’s communication focused on strengthening its enterprise sales effort. While there existed a need to communicate the technological superiority and robust security and stability of its offerings, it was also necessary to engage an audience which is quite discerning of this and at the same time differentiate in the manner in which it is put across to them. In order to do so, Fountainhead Digital MKTG created a series of animated videos that conveyed all of the aforementioned in a fun and engaging way. Each product attribute was taken and dramatised in animation – a refreshing change from the typical ‘fact sheet’ that customers were used to seeing. The videos made for a great opener in a sales pitch while also being engaging content for Paynimo’s digital and social assets.