Sweetish House Mafia



Sweetish House Mafia is a highly popular Cookie and Dessert chain with outlets across India and the Middle East. The brand enjoyed great loyalty among its customers but was limited in design, hampering the creation of a great customer experience. Preceding a major expansion in outlets and a communication campaign, Fountainhead Digital MKTG worked with Sweetish House Mafia to create a whole new and refreshing brand identity which conveyed, above all, the freshness and sinful delight of their dessert offerings. Focusing on the iconography of icing sugar and flour on a board, Sweetish House Mafia’s new identity conveyed “fresh off the board”. The experience design exercise covered brand identity, and also involved a thorough refresh and redesigning of all marketing collaterals and of retail customer experience. The overall theme was rich in imagery that showed the preparation or consumption of their desserts like GIFs of cookie baking, timelapses, etc. The identity was also one with scope for extension and expansion, with guidelines for the same clearly laid out in the form of a brand guide. The resulting exercise saw all of Sweetish House Mafia’s outlets and marketing platforms transform into something world-class, just like its product range.

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