Tata Consultancy Services is one of the world’s biggest IT and business consultancies. They have pioneered digital transformations across industries with clients ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to national governments and agencies. Their solutions range from rapid prototyping sessions, ideations and hackathons to working with start-ups, prestigious Co-Innovation Network™ and academic research partners.
TCS wanted to bring their offerings for a Business 4.0 world, bringing all their consumer touchpoints under one identity, including their Innovation Forums and similar thought leadership events. Based on the insights from the surveys and TCS’ sponsorship of the world’s biggest marathons, TCS Pace was born with extensions for physical locations (TCS Paceport) and event branding (Experience Pace). The visual identity incorporated the flowing TCS logo from the company’s 50 year celebrations, a wave within the A of Pace and a bold gradient to communicate freshness, dynamism and agility. The new identity was accompanied by a set of brand guidelines for consistent use throughout TCS’s events and locations spread across the globe. TCS Pace was launched with the inauguration of an IoT-focussed TCS Paceport in Japan towards the end of 2018.