Tata Consultancy Services is at the top of India’s most valuable companies and the second one to cross the USD 100 Billion Market Capitalisation Mark. The IT, ITeS and Digital giant celebrated its 50th year in 2018, which also coincided with the 150th year of the Tata Group. TCS wished to mark the glorious journey over its 50 year existence and to set the tone for the future vision of a Digital-first and Digital-focused organisation, for its clients (which comprise of several Fortune 500 companies), its partners (some of the world’s most innovative startups and technology companies) and its employees (numbering 400,000 from around the world). Fountainhead Digital MKTG worked with TCS to create an identity that would convey the aforementioned in a visual and experiential manner. The result was ‘TCS 50’ – a vibrant, youthful, future-forward and versatile identity that conveyed a broad range of brand propositions, given its diverse industry offerings and specialties. The key visual themes chosen to convey these, were ‘flow’, ‘continuity’ and a broad colour spectrum. While doing so, the identity also took into consideration the need for global acceptance and resonance across cultures and usage guidelines, which were set in a comprehensive brand guide. The resulting identity was taken to a global launch and now is present across all TCS marketing assets across media, and is paving the way for major communication initiatives in line with the vision of impressive growth at TCS.