UltraTech Concrete Plant Walkthrough



UltraTech Cement, a business of the USD 43 Billion Aditya Birla Group, is India’s largest cement producer and the 4th largest in the world. The Ready Mix Concrete Business of the company caters to some of the largest infrastructure and development projects of the country. A critical factor in the RMC business is the proximity of plants to building sites, and the logistical efficiency of the delivery of concrete on time and in full. To showcase the format of their plants and efficiency of logistics, Fountainhead Digital MKTG created an interactive Virtual Reality walkthrough of a major RMC plant of UltraTech. The walkthrough takes the user through the plant and key processes in Virtual Reality, with content which is of relevance to specific potential customers while also being simple in areas that can be driven as engagement points. The VR experience was created for multi-platforms and portability – with different levels of interaction complexity for advanced hardware like the HTC Vive, to simplify portable experiences on Google Cardboard format devices.