UltraTech Cement, a business of the USD 43 billion Aditya Birla Group, is the largest cement producer in India and the 4th largest in the world. UltraTech, the leader and undisputed choice for infrastructure and heavy construction, saw its next major growth coming from Individual Home Builders. However, cement was a commodity for this segment and they went solely by the recommendation of their contractor. As a move towards connecting with this segment, UltraTech appointed Fountainhead Digital MKTG to create the ‘Building Buddy’ – a lifesaving app for anyone looking to build a house. The app featured construction material calculators, planners, tips and spatial design guidance (covering aspects like Vaastu – Indian philosophy of spaces and the flow of energy). The app also has a host of resources, including layouts and cheat sheets which help home builders avoid common pitfalls and outsmart unscrupulous contractors. The app also helped engage contractors as they were offered the opportunity to be listed as UltraTech’s recommended partners in a directory, which helped them build more business in their respective regions of operation.

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